Member Benefits

Yearly membership is £20 per year, and includes all these benefits.

  • Gain free entry to nearly all events
  • Discounts on many ticketed events
  • Reasonably priced bar drinks and snacks
  • Free WiFi at the club
  • Support friendly culture in Worthing
  • Access to the general meeting to influence the direction of the club

How to become a member

Just turn up at the club on any event, and we will set up membership right there and then. You will be given a card, and you can use this to show whenever you turn up.

Renew your membership

We can do this for you at the club. It helps if we have your membership number, but we only need your name to renew.

Non members

If you are not a member, you are still welcome to come to any event. You can gain entry with a temporary membership on almost all events for just £2 on the door. Come for a quiet drink, a dance or listen to some live music or an interesting talk. You enjoy all the benefits of a member for one event.

Gift a membership

The gift of going out. If you would like to gift a membership to another person, you will need their name, address, email address and phone number. We need these details to administer their membership. We treat this information privately, see our privacy policy. Come into the club, and we will be happy to arrange this for you.